Media evolution, the conference

Mocht je ondanks het Nederlandse weer geen vakantieplannen hebben voor augustus, overweeg dan gerust de Media Evolution conference in Malmo, Zweden.

We believe that collaboration is the future of business. When people, companies and industries work together, giant leaps of innovation happen. This is why Media Evolution The Conference exists and you should participate. For two days, 40 astonishing international speakers and 900 participants will discuss the future of the media industries and our society.”

De onderwerpen dit jaar zijn human behavior, new technology en how to make it happen. Interessante sprekers van o.a. Google, Spotify (over: “Making money on media, from one model to many models”), Wired UK (Keynote opening) en Don’t Hate, Educate (closing keynote over “the incredible lies of the state controlled media outlets in Egypt and what activists are doing to combat that to share what’s actually going on with the rest of the world“) Genoeg stof tot conversatie lijkt me.


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