NODEM 2010: From Place to Presence

Van 24 tot 26 november aanstaande is de Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums (NODEM), dit jaar te Kopenhagen. Voor hen die nog niet bekend is met NODEM “It is a Nordic forum for exchange of experience and best practice, on the use of new digital media in communicating with visitors and audiences, at museums, galleries, heritage attractions, natural and science discovery centres, etc.”

Het programma biedt ook dit jaar weer vele sessies met praktijkvoorbeelden, inspiratie en nieuwe inzichten. Veelal uit Noord-Europa maar ook benoemenswaardige organisaties/personen uit andere landen leveren hun deel. Over het thema dit jaar zegt de organisatie:

“Digital media breaking boundaries between inside, outside and virtual spaces. One of the most striking features of digital media in museums today is their potential for linking and integrating resources, spaces and users in an abundance of ways. Museums can share content and gain exposure as well as work across online and onsite, users can contribute to knowledge production and choose between different exhibition platforms, and experiences and knowledge can be mediated through a variety of channels.”

Registratie is verlengd tot 12 november!

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